End O’ the Year!

A, rather gushing, wrap up for the half of 2021 I’ve been on here

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. from Pexels

This will not be a yearly roundup, as I haven’t been on here long enough to warrant that. Truly, I only started writing seriously on Medium in September, in which I got to work fast (fast for me that is)! Underneath will be a rundown of my most popular pieces from December as well as a few selections from the past months.

I hope you take a stroll through this digital memory lane with me and find something you like, if not, at least the partying pineapples were cute, eh?

Poetry —

Below was my first go at joining in on a contest/challenge and while it was rather intimidating to be “going up,” against so many stellar pieces, I enjoyed the camaraderie around it. I hope to enter into more in the coming year!

By one of the myriads of metrics, I’d say this has been my most read poem of the year (I love a stoplight, don’t I?):

Fiction —

Sadly, it seems I did not do any in the month of December which is absolutely wack. If I must do resolutions, I’d definitely resolve to do more fiction on here, as someone who started writing only within that genre it’s insane to me that’s fallen by the wayside as I’ve progressed on Medium. Time to fix that!

Instead, I will leave you with my two most popular pieces from other points in the year:

Essays —

The second hat I’ve thrown into the contest ring:

I’ll take it back to the first one I ever wrote on here, which still remains one of my biggest, so I guess I peaked too soon?

Photography —

My photography means a lot to me so I am thrilled to have a place to share it.

I will end this chapter of self-promotion here, but if you’re interested in more of my work feel free to visit the other roundups I’ve done — here and here.

I try to keep these short as I understand it’s a bit eye-rolly-inducing. Nevertheless, it’s taken me a long time to finally commit to this whole writing thing, so I always feel I must commemorate that as I reach the end of junctions whether that’s a month, a year or both.

I’ve really enjoyed my time on Medium thus far, however frustrating it can be at times. I’ve been able to read some really amazing pieces, link up with even more amazing people, and have felt supported in a way that has eluded me for most of my creative life. Whoa, before this turns into a therapy session, I will finish this off with a simple, yet extremely sincere THANK YOU.

To everyone that has followed me, commented, clapped, or otherwise lifted me up in my journey so far you have my fiercest gratitude. I hope to keep earning your support and interest in the year to come by pumping out the best quality of pieces I can muster. Again, thank you, and may your 2022 be filled with mending hearts, lighter feet, and lots more love ❤️



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